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Founded in 1978, Whitman-Walker was one of the first health clinics in the country to serve the LGBTQ+ community, which was being ravaged by the AIDS epidemic. Over the course of its 40-year history, the organization has built an immense community of patients, donors, activists, and neighbors in the DC area. Whitman-Walker has continuously been at the forefront of advances in LGBTQ+ healthcare, policy work, and research, and is widely respected for its commitment to providing care with kindness, empathy, humility and patience.

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Charting an expanded future for one of Washington, DC's most important community-based health care providers.

In 2019, Whitman-Walker found themselves at an exciting juncture, with sights set on even more inclusive and expansive care. They announced the creation of a community-centered enterprise which split the organization into two sibling partners -- the Whitman-Walker Health Center (WWHC) and the Whitman-Walker Health System (WWHS). This new structure is better able to respond to the complex and ever-changing needs of Whitman-Walker’s community and provide a sustainable platform for long-term financial growth.

This new chapter for Whitman-Walker required a unique web presence that would continue to support the health care center while drawing attention to the organization’s community outreach, fundraising, research, and thought leadership efforts.

Fellows Program
Celebrating 20 years of supporting writers and filmmakers’ bold, new ideas.

After 20 years, 200 fellows and more than 100 projects, the Fellows Program remains a core part of New America’s identity. The program’s team looked to us to develop collateral that would celebrate the incredible breadth of work from the last 20 years. It needed to be the kind of piece that would stop people in their tracks, especially current program supporters and potential funders.

We designed a frame worthy poster for VIPs and a four-sided, fold-out marketing collateral for distribution to potential funders. These pieces incorporated the existing New America branding while taking its look and feel up a notch, giving the Fellows program a chance to shine on its own. Together with their team, we crafted copy that succinctly captured the essence of what makes the Fellows program unique.


We worked closely with Whitman-Walker CEO Don Blanchon and his senior leadership team to develop a comprehensive and distinct website, a fresh brand for WWHS and messaging. The copy and new look compliments their brand, while still feeling distinct.

Our process included extensive research and stakeholder analysis, including interviews with over 15 Whitman-Walker staff, patients, donors, neighbors, and community members. These conversations helped us understand the evolution of Whitman-Walker’s reputation among various communities, as an organization known primarily for its work with gay men to one that also addresses the healthcare and legal needs of communities like transgender people and immigrants.

Custom design system and branding

Custom design system and branding


We then developed a network map that aligned the companies under the umbrella of the Whitman-Walker Health System while also allowing each entity — the policy team, research staff, and Foundation — to have its own unique landing pages and voice on the site. 

The new site creates opportunities to highlight Whitman-Walker’s innovative work in research and policy, effectively attract new donors, and continue to provide information to clients and patients about its healthcare services.

Political Reform Program
Elevating a year’s worth of published work.

Political scientist and author, Mark Schmitt, launched New America’s Political Reform program in 2013 to develop new approaches to understanding and reforming the market for political power and the crisis of democratic governance. Each year, Mark and his small, but mighty team of political reform experts write and publish more than 300 articles and reports examining new ideas for procedural reforms. The program’s end-of-year report consisted of a Google document with a list of hyperlinked articles. While the undesigned aesthetic of their yearly report aligned with the team’s “scrappy” ethos, it created more issues than it solved for its audience and goals. The team retained no data on users’ behavior and compared to their partners’ collateral, the report’s lack of branding diminished the impressive breadth and impact of their work.

The Political Reform staff came to us to elevate this document. Together, we made it a viable fundraising tool by developing a polished design and a strong narrative stressing the urgency of its work.


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