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Creating a digital magazine about resilience.

For over 20 years, New America has been dedicated to realizing America’s highest ideals, honestly confronting the challenges that the 21st century has created, and seizing the opportunities those challenges afford. Essential to this mission is recognizing American individuals’ and communities’ capacities for resilience: the ability to grow and change in the face of adverse circumstances. 

In 2019 we worked with New America to create the think tank's first-ever digital-only magazine focused on the theme of resilience. Resilience is particularly salient in contemporary America as we face an onslaught of personal, social, economic, political, and environmental challenges. 

The magazine’s multi-platform interface comprises audio episodes, arresting visuals, Q&A interviews, and long and short form essays that span the expertise of New America’s innovative fellows and some of our country's greatest minds, like Fei-Fei Li, Tim Wu and Judy Estrin. 

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Over the course of nine months, we collaborated across New America's programs with a range of stakeholders, including the CEO, Anne-Marie Slaughter, who hosted the audio series. Erin identified and recruited contributors, drafted questions for interviews, and edited all of the content in the magazine. Kody designed the layout of the digital magazine for easy pagination through multiple forms of content and chose an arresting cover that both resonates with the New America brand and encompasses the broad theme of resilience.

Our collective efforts resulted in a magazine that encourages the reader to understand resilience as a sentiment that can be practiced and built.


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