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Position a new synergistic center at Georgetown University Medical Center as the global leader in advancing mind and brain health.

The CNE is a global alliance for advancing mind and brain health. Led by two neuroscientists from Georgetown University Medical Center, and supported by clinicians, engineers, ethicists, scientists and students from Technical University of Munich, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, MedStar Health, and Georgetown University, the CNE is a first-of-its-kind approach to restoring brain function impaired by injury or degeneration.

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Our Approach: Discovery

We interviewed stakeholders from each of the four leading academic, research and medical Institutions to determine key messages and a brand ethos.

  • Neuroscientists
  • Clinicians
  • Ethicists
  • Engineers
  • Scientists

Launch video we scripted, shot and edited.

“We were particularly impressed with ICP’s patience in dealing with a large number of stakeholders, painstakingly working towards a product that considered everyone’s perspective. They have a unique ability to take care of both the “forest and the trees”

– Spiros Dimolitsas, Senior Vice President for Research, Georgetown University

Our Approach: Design

Our challenge was to ensure that the alliance looked recognizable as a Georgetown entity, while still embracing the feel of an organization that includes three other major institutions. We sought to convey gravitas and stature, as well as “a sense of possibility” and the potential for scientific breakthroughs.

We designed a a unique  and powerful visual identity that both aligned with Georgetown University’s brand guidelines but also elevated the CNE in the world of academic center.


Our Approach: Content

Georgetown’s fundraising team had developed PowerPoint presentations and 2-pagers “selling” the CNE to potential donors. Our charge was to condense and refine this existing, long-form language for the website.

Together, we created an interactive storytelling section of the site devoted to explaining how and why the brain is the last scientific frontier.


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